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Fall 2019 Sessions | Christians With Questions

Christians With Questions

Christians with Questions – 2019 Programs
Blessed Hope United Methodist Church
3177 S. 107th Street
West Allis, WI 53227
Doors are open at 8:30

September 21, 2019
Racism” DVD with Dr. Greer Gordon
A very timely topic for us today, but this systemic evil was already recognized by Dr. Gordon when she gave this talk to Call to Action back in 2016 right after the elections. We are the catalyst, we are the Church to follow Christ.

October 12, 2019
“Where is the crucified body of Christ” DVD with Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis
A talk given at the Conference: “ Universal Christ, How a forgotten reality can change everything we see, hope for, and believe”. Again, a very timely topic for us and challenging us to stand up against the injustices in the world.

November 16, 2019
“Jesus of the People” DVD wit Janet McKenzie, the artist
This is a painting that has taken on a life of its own after being chosen in 1999 by Sr. Wendy as the winner of the National Catholic Reporter’s competition for a new image of Jesus for the new millennia. A time to examine our own image of Jesus and to defend our visions.